Our story

Veronika is the woman behind the Wooden Uniques enterprise. The idea to establish Wooden Uniques and import to Europe hand carved furniture was born from her passion for travel, a love of Africa, and her African friendships.

While studying in the United States years ago, Veronica befriended a South African man. Later, during several visits to Africa, he introduced her to the continent that has always fascinated her.


It was during one of these visits, that this friend introduced her to a group of skilled carvers from Zimbabwe. She was excited by the fact that these artisans found a way to reclaim the wood from trees that had died naturally, and to design and create, with this discarded wood, unique and beautiful artistic items.

The enterprise that was created by her friend with these artisans has allowed these sustainably sourced products to be legally exported and are offered for sale. Veronica loves and appreciates the African arts and is of the opinion that the best way to support African artists is to buy their products. She did not hesitate to start a business when the opportunity to import African wooden products presented itself.

Wooden Uniques has a line of superior quality dining and coffee tables, and desks that are unique, functional, and beautiful. Choose a rich carving of wild African animals or a simple table. Each piece has its own story of origin and will create a customize a room that is uniquely yours.